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I would be happy to assist (for a small fee) anyone in the Orlando area who would like help shopping 'in style' for less. Please just leave a request, with your email, in any comment section.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Summer is coming!!

Yay! Almost summer time.  That is wy I talked about my swimsuit buying and the great deals you can get if you look! Target and even revolve have some great deals on all kinds of summertime wear!! I have my seaearrings, which would be a great compliment to any summertime wardrobe, or expecially beach or pool time! Check them out at my e store link in this blog! Summer accessories are also an inexpensive and fun way to add a little something to your older wardrobe. Make yourself feel good, and  add a little something that won't break the bank at all! 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Here is a pic of one of the cute bathing suits I purchased for this summer. It is a two piece. It is tiered for a flattering look! This is not the Marc valvo , a pic of which will be coming.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Hello again

Wow it has been a year since I have posted on my blog. I will try and stay more up to date. I am still buying at great places like TJMaxx, Target(which is one of my affiliates on this blog) and other great places for great prices! I just scored some beautiful new bathing suits, one from Marc Valvo, a famous gown designer to the stars, for very reasonable prices. The Marc Volvo bathing suit was originally $168. I bought it at TJMax for $29.99!! Same with the two other designer swim suits I bought. You just can not beat it!! I also have already received numerous compliments on them, from family and strangers, already! So don't forget your great discount stores for great prices on swim suits for the season.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fall fashion 2016

I like to preview and see all the newest looks for upcoming seasons so I know what to look for now if I see anything at a great price that will be 'in' for that season.  This is yet another way to get things Inexpesively and still be right on trend! This next fall season seems interesting.  Very mix and match, as well as whatever?! I show some examples in my pictures from Chanel and BCBG runway looks.  Big and baggy seem the trend. Dark, dark colors , as well.  Lots of black and navy and deep marroon.  But really any color, any pattern nice and blouses and billowy will do!  So look for these types of clothes now, because they are out there. Pick up a few pieces if you see at good prices and you will be ahead of the fashion curve.  Just one of my many tricks.  

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Quote for your life

Just saw this great insta quote and wanted to pass it on today in my blog.  Something new. New York fashion week is in full swing will be writing about some of the new (or old) trends for summer season!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Great one of a kind Valentines Day gifts
Check out my e-store NOW for great one of a kind Valentine, or anytime, original, handmade gifts! For a friend or a loved one my new 3D art is like a small piece of jewelry for your wall or desk. My sea shell earrings are a great way to bring the beach warmth all year long to yourself or someone else.  All different and special an GREAT prices!! Get them now! Wy flowers and candy when you can get something much better, to keep forever, for less!! 
Some examples of my new artwork.  Always in STYLE!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Great time in NY

I finally was able to wear my beautiful Halston long pink cardigan! Walking around New York was the perfect weather for my sweater, along with a fashion statement scarf. This one is from BCBG, but you can get great scarfs and winter wear at Target (through my blog site) or any store.  Now is a great time to get both sweaters, as well as scarfs. Target has great prices. Great fall weather calls for great fall weather wear!! 
Walking across the Brooklyn bridge!