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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Great time in NY

I finally was able to wear my beautiful Halston long pink cardigan! Walking around New York was the perfect weather for my sweater, along with a fashion statement scarf. This one is from BCBG, but you can get great scarfs and winter wear at Target (through my blog site) or any store.  Now is a great time to get both sweaters, as well as scarfs. Target has great prices. Great fall weather calls for great fall weather wear!! 
Walking across the Brooklyn bridge! 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Statement necklace

A statement necklace is always a great addition to any outfit.  There are so many pretty ones to choose from. A statement necklace really can make your outfit pop.  I think it is nice to add a big chunky necklace to a simple outfit, although some people will wear them to add yet another layer to any outfit. I am wearing this big chunky orange and gold necklace with a suede (look) dress. It is so comfortable, with great from pockets! Any sued is big this fall// winter. Suede jackets or skirts are also very much in style, often with fringe! This particular dress has another big element this season, the high low look.  Either low in back, high in front, or like this dress low on either side. (Shirts are a big trend in this style as well) I got his dress , once again, at TJMaxx for $16.00!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Pretty in pink!! That's what everyone is, pink is a really great color for everyone.  Lucky for us it is one of the 'big' colors of the winter season.  Yes I said winter season, of course we can wear pink any season, but this year it is big for winter too.  There are tons of sweater, sweater dresses, and coats in this wonderful color. Of course no outfit is complete without a great purse, and this color is all the rage for purses too! So go out and get yourself a pretty in pink sweater or jacket. I have even seen this color in the 'it' leather or suade motto jacket this season.  In the pictures I am wearing a Halston sweater, I got on today special value on QVC for $60.00. I have seen this type of sweater at target or H & M for $20.00. You can wear it open or closed as a sweater dress. ( also big for this season)  I have my big heel nude mules on as well as my pretty pink coach purse to complete the look! 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Thanks fashion bloggers

I want to send a shout out and thank you to all the other great fashion bloggers out there!  There are a ton of great women doing great fashion blogs. Some are specific to sizes, petite to large. Some are high end designer, some are about home and clothes.  There is as many varieties as there are people! All very professional and well worth reading.  I am honored when any stop by my little blog and read it and make a comment. I wanted to take this day to say thanks! Of course, a big thank you to all my regular readers out there too!! I hope my blog helps you with all your fashion needs and finds. 
I had to include some pics, so here are two more great capes. 
Please note these great grey flannel plaid pants, with the houndstooth shoes!! They both actually go together. I got the shoes at steinmart for $29.99 on sale, plus steinmart always has 40 and 50 percent off sale coupons!! They are Anne Klien. These pants were from Wet Seal years ago, still in fashion. 

Friday, October 9, 2015

Fringe, plaid, capes!

It is fall! Big this season is the cape. There are all different types, with arm holes, without, long, mid length. They are comfortable and chic. Best of all capes fit ALL. Anyone can wear one. The cape I am showing I got at Dillard's for $29.99. I met a doctor who thought it was a Prada cape his wife just asked him for, priced upwards in the thousands. They can be found at any of your favorite stores now. I know Target and Revolve ( you can search right from my blog) have great ones. Target has a plaid blanket scarf for $19.99. Easy to check out through my sidebar. Big colors of the season would be plaid (any color) or camel. Any color cape will do though. Pick your favorite, and if it happens to have fringe all the better! 

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Re-cap of styles discussed

Today I am going to re-cap some great looks I have previously discussed on my blog. One is from BCBG runway for spring and shows you the boho look.  You can go all out or you can choose one piece, like the cute funky hat.  I know you can get all these looks at stores like Target. (Please check my blog side bar link to find any of these looks for less!) 
Here we see the cute ankle boots, leather-denim-or suede skirt, great Oxblood or Marsala color of the season! 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Layered boho

I love the easy breezy look of the boho styling concept. Drapey fabric, big, loose, comfortable dressing.  This style , too, has been around for a bit. Once again, the boho look is back.  From the looks of some Spring runway shows ( BCBG for example) the boho look will be around for a while to come!  It is a very easy way of dressing. A bit bohemian, a bit exotic, a bit 70's.  Big bell bottom pants, floppy hats, floppy coats, and mix and match fabrics.  I have pictured a more classic boho look. Simple long skirt with layers, loose, comfort! What could be easier.
or better.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New York fashion week looks

Here are just a few examples from the New York fashion week runway.  Again, these are looks for spring 2016.  Just be on the look out for some of the summer markdown in stores now that have these looks, or bright colors.  Now all the summer looks are 40-75% off in almost every store.  You can find some nice items that will be right in style for next spring, keep your eyes open now!
Courtesy E news and Tommy Hillfiger
Courtesy E news and other New York fashion designers

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Spring 2016 fashion trends

In case you did not know, it is New York fashion week. This is the time of year when all the clothing designers show what the next big thing for the SPRING season will be!  I know we are just getting into fall and winter, but that is how the world of fashion is, always a step ahead.  I am writing this blog, at this time, because I wanted to give a fashion 'heads up' to you.  I have been watching many of the spring runway shows and have seen a big trend for the season to come.  This trend is COLOR! Big bright color, in solids or floral or striped.  All this color is also very mixed and matched, meaning striped blue and white blouse, with a bright floral colored pant. Yes it is a bit wild, but also fun and carefree.  Almost anything goes!  I am also telling you this now, in case you see anything in the stores that is on sale from this summer that is bright and flirty. If you see any floral print, buy it now.  This is another way I stay in style for each season without it costing a lot. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Dress code

The big length for the season is called midi.  This length is at the calf, in between the knee and ankle.  It can also be just under the knee length.  It is a great length for every woman to wear, as well as slightly reminiscent of the 1940's sort of look.  I happen to have a nice midi length dress that happens to be the Marsala wine color of the season as well. Notice the length.  You can add some sexiness with it by having a side slit, as this dress des.  This is a very comfortable look that can be worn fancy or casual. You can also get the look in a skirt, which is just as fashionable this season. (Inparticularly a pencil style skirt). I got this dress at The Limited very inexpensively. You can find great deals there with there specials and sales!

Friday, September 11, 2015


As I was beginning to write my blog today on another big trend for the season, plaid, I was watching Kelly and Michael and Kelly Ripa came out in this....
Photo from Kelly and Michael show
Plaid is 'back' in style this season. Primarily black and white, but there are a lot of shirts being shown in all colors.  You can get great plaid shirts almost any store you wish to go to.  I see a lot of great choices at Target, which you can see from my blog Taget icon. Also on line stores like Revolve, which is an online company that offers great clothes for great prices. (You can also view with icon on my blog) they have all of the newest fashions for every season, for less money !!!
Plaid is another one of those staples that you can buy one season and it will be around for a long time! It is back 'in' for the fall/winter, so bring it out of your closet, or go get your selfs a piece of clothing with some plaid on it! If plaid is not your thing you can accessorize it very easily with a simple scarf too.
Here I have a plaid shirt on with a long vest and little booties! All ready wearing some of the big styles for the season, as you have seen in some of my previous blog posts.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


What is any fall or winter season without the inclusion of boots!  This year is no exception.  Boots are big, and make any outfit you wear look polished, and of course, in style!  The big new style for the season is ankle length booties. Any color, but primarily black and carmel color. You can wear the ankle boot with shorts, skirts, dresses, or pants! It looks great and is a nice stylistic touch to any outfit. The other two important lengths for boots this season is mid calf, ( like my fringe boots seen in previous post) as well as slightly over the knee boots. Whatever you are most comfortable in, grab yourself a cute new pair of boots this season. Please check out my link to Target on my blog site.  They have a lovely array of styles to choose from, for great price points!! 
These boot pictures are from my previous post outfit. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Jacket for the season

I must say, once gain, the jacket for the season is this motto motorcycle jacket. Once again they say it is 'new' for this season, this jacket has been around for quite some time. You can find them now all over. Some faux leather, which will be much more inexpensive, some real leather.  Some of the real leather are not as pricey as you may think. This jacket is Michael Kors.  I bought it at Macy's two years ago, on sale of course.  It was originally $450.00, I bought it for $250.00.  Still a bit pricey, but it is a designer and it is a real staple for your wardrobe. Sometimes pieces you know you will have, and wear for years you  might want to invest in. I still got a great deal on sale!! As you also see I am in the other fall/winter staple, the denim skirt I talked about in a previous blog entry.  I just picked this denim skirt up at TJ Maxx for $17.00!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


I am starting today's blog with a picture because I want you to see the hat for the season! It is cute, comfy, and affordable!  I have seen this hat in some online stores for upwards of $80.00. These hats pictured are from Charlotte Russe for $22.00. I have also seen them at forever 21 for $15.00. So these hats can be a rather inexpensive way to pump- up your fall wardrobe. Almost every fashion Instagramer I follow is wearing this hat! They all look great in it.  Another plus for this particular hat is it gives great sun coverage for your head, as well as keeps you a bit warmer, if you are in cooler climates. Just an adorable little addition to your wardrobe to put you right in style!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Off the shoulder

One summer item that is transferring over to the fall season is the off the shoulder look. It is another look that ANYONE can wear!  Almost everyone likes their shoulders, no matter what their weight, or how they look. This look shows off your shoulders. It is sexy and sweet. You can get a beautiful off the shoulder dress or shirt at many stores. I know there are beautiful ones at nordstroms, they cost a bit more, but they may be on sale ( which, as I said before is the best way to buy anything.) Revolve, the on line store I represent on this site, has some really great off the shoulder looks. I bought my shirt pictured here, last year.  I bought it at Macy's. It is a rag and bone make.  This brand is usually a bit pricey, but again I bought it on sale for 24.99. I get compliments all the time whenever I wear it. So go out and get a little off the shoulder item! 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Color of the season

As I was looking through the Internet the other day I happened upon this great outfit. It encompasses the color of the season as well as a great new look for fall. 
This look shows the Marsala color being used. A pencil skirt, which is also very 'in' for the season is also shown. The pencil skirt can be any length, from mid calf to mini.  This skirt is in velvet, which, along with leather, and denim, is making a comeback for the fall/winter season. I also love the big statement necklace, which is yet another comeback for this seasons wardrobe. You can find many of these items at your favorite stores now. I know Steinmart is a great place to shop for statement jewelry at very reasonable prices! 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Color Pantone for 2015

The color Pantone is a specific color that is picked to be the big color of the season or the year. If you look through my blog you would se I have the color of 2014 as orchid ( a shade of purple). As I looked for this year I first found that for spring and this summer the colors were different shades of blue. The color for 2015, however, is Marsala, this is a dark shade of maroon. I am bringing this up in my blog at this time because I think this particular color is great for fall and winter. Whether you add a small touch to your nails, or add a big touch, as in a pretty Marsala  colored dress, it will be a nice fall/winter touch. Scarfs, which  can be relatively inexpensive, added to any outfit is also in style this fall, and would be nice to add a touch of the color merlo. See my pictures below to get a glimpse of our 2015 color of the 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Denim skirt

Today's style for the season is denim skirts. Mid calf to short, tight to swirley, worn or classical. Any way you like the fit of your denim skirt will do. All types of denim skirt style is back for your fall wardrobe! I see on my many Instagram fashionistas I watch at least one denim skirt a day. They are all wearing different varieties from all different places. You can find a wide selection of denim skirts at different stores on the web. You can choose a designer skirt like the Tommy Hilfiger mini I have shown in dark denim. You can choose a worn mid calf with a slit from Levi's. The choice is yours! This to my was bought at Macy's years ago for $20.00 on sale. You can get great sales at Department stores like Macy's, Dillard's, and Sears, to name a few. (Especially at the end of the season). Don't forget what is old will probably be new again soon, or still in for the next year or so.  So do not be afraid to shop those sales and clearance racks!  I do ALL the time. 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bohemian is back!!!

FgcThe bohemian style is back in vogue for this fall season!! Any "hippie" type clothing, anything bell sleeved, flowy, comfortable dressing! Anyone can wear this style. It is a fun and easy breezy way to dress. Carefree with added fringe will make you right in style. I recently saw this one cute dress hanging in a Dillard's for $85.00. My dress once again came from TJ. Maxx for $12.99. ( it was bought years ago) but what is old is new again!  Speaking of, if you have any boho outfits in your closet, including large flare jeans, bring them out to wear this fall  

Monday, August 31, 2015


Layering is the next best thing for this fall season. There are all kinds of vests, kimonos, and jackets to layer over our shirts and blouses. You can find them in any store. Great for a little more covering, and a little more warmth in the fall and winter months! You will be right in style with added layering pieces in your wardrobe.  You can buy these cute small layering pieces for very inexpensive amounts, and get great benefit to your wardrobe. I have seen some on web sites for $7-10 .00, as well as in stores. To maxx and Ross are a few of the great places to look. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

FRINGE is in!!!

The one new addition to fall wardrobes this fall season is fringe. I have seen it on the runways for fall. BCBG/Max Azria had fringe everywhere. Fringe on skirts, dresses, and even shoes. You don't need to break the bank to get the fringe look in your wardrobe!  I am going to show you some of my great very low cost fringe purchases for the fall season.  One purchase is a great orange purse I purchased a few years ago. I bought it at TJ Maxx for $24.00. I have received compliments on how great it is EVERYTIME I wear it!!
My next purchase was these great fringe boots. I have seen them nĂºmero use times in fashion blogger and Instagram fashion sites. They sell at a very upscale store for $500/600.00.  I found a pair at Shoe Carnival, essentially exactly the same for $65.00.  You can also go on-line to stores like zulilly to find these boots for $29.00, as well as many more great fringe and other deals!
I also just purchased a black distressed dress with fringe on the sides for $19.00 , at TJMaxx!! You will see a lot of that name store on my blog. I am a definite fashionista from TJ Maxx. ( wish I got paid for it). I also usually only buy on sale in other stores.
I love designer brands, (or looks) but for much less than retail or full price.