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I would be happy to assist (for a small fee) anyone in the Orlando area who would like help shopping 'in style' for less. Please just leave a request, with your email, in any comment section.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fall fashion 2016

I like to preview and see all the newest looks for upcoming seasons so I know what to look for now if I see anything at a great price that will be 'in' for that season.  This is yet another way to get things Inexpesively and still be right on trend! This next fall season seems interesting.  Very mix and match, as well as whatever?! I show some examples in my pictures from Chanel and BCBG runway looks.  Big and baggy seem the trend. Dark, dark colors , as well.  Lots of black and navy and deep marroon.  But really any color, any pattern nice and blouses and billowy will do!  So look for these types of clothes now, because they are out there. Pick up a few pieces if you see at good prices and you will be ahead of the fashion curve.  Just one of my many tricks.